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The EDM How-To Book Logo
The EDM described in the book burned this logo into a Rock Hard File


Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a process that uses electrical discharges from an electrode to erode an electrically conductive material. As a result, it is possible to erode or 'burn' the shape of the electrode into the workpiece.

my name is Paul Fournier I just received a copy of your book on the EDM machine---and finished it tonight. I have to say that it is a pleasure to read a technical manual that is written as good or better than I could have written it! Step by step on all parts listed.
Thank you and keep up the good work. I am looking forward to buying more of your books if you do another one---
This is just a Thank You note and a pat on the back for doing such a good
Paul Fournier

If you need a square hole, (or other unique shape) in a part make a square electrode and burn it into the part. This machine is GREAT FOR REMOVING BROKEN BOLTS, TAPS, easy out's, drills, and studs etc. from expensive work pieces!!!


The EDM How-To Book Or the PCBoard, as seen in photo above, may be purchase using Payal sent to my email address, Email address

If you are in the U.S. the price for the book is $30, the PCBoard, with instructions, is $25. The price quoted INCLUDES 1st Class postage to any US address.

Should you live outside the U.S. contact me for shipping charges.
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The EDM How-To Book

The EDM described in the book was used to burn this Logo into a file.

The EDM was demonstrated with great success at the CNC Workshop conducted in Galesburg ILL.
The beauty of the machine is it's simple design which requires minimal electronic and mechanical abilities to build

All the parts need to build an EDM ram.
With minimal mechanical skills you can build this slide and the EDM

This is the complete EDM machine
It may be attached to a milling machine, a drill press or even as a stand alone unit.

A view of the inside of the EDM Generator,
This design is simple enough that most anyone that knows how to solder can build it.

The EDM How-To Book
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A photo of sample burns in a very hard steel file and a carbide cutting tool