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Reader Comments

Ben, my name is Paul Fournier and I work at Texas Instruments Inc. in Dallas. I just received a copy of your book on the EDM machine. I read it last night and finished it tonight. I have to say that it is a pleasure to read a technical manual that is written as good or better than I could have written it! Step by step on all parts listed. Thank you and keep up the good work. I am looking forward to buying more of your books if you do another one---

This is just a Thank You note and a pat on the back for doing such a good job!!!

Paul Fournier
Hello Ben
What a great book you have written! My friend Dave Black and I are building a unit now. Dave met you at the Cardinal Engineering Seminar.----I must say, you are a guy that warms my heart with your approach to projects. The drawer slides are a real good sub for fancy ways, and very inexpensive. The down to earth approach is just super! I am a retired Manufacturing Engineer, and seeing this project really wet my appetite. I have built small----"Popular Mechanics" style EDMs for tap busting in the past, and always wanted a servo driven unit now I will have one.

Rich Carlstedt
Green Bay, Wisconsin
I have now purchased the book, and after reading it, would be happy to recommend it to anyone wanting to build a small EDM. The book is very clear and concise with great instruction and pictures. I am not an electronics guru but I can easily understand how to build this machine. I also want to thank Ben for answering my email questions ...."

Bill Nelson

Well, despite my best efforts, mine showed up (the EDM book) today. Quite a shock!!! Was not at all the 23 laser printed sheets with side staple binding I was expecting.
A real book with lots of pages and words too. Fortunately for me, LOTS of pictures too. I hope he typed it real slow so I don't have to try to read too fast. It may take some time to digest but so far, I only se a couple of chips which I don't have in my junkbox.

(Think Crocodile Dundee, "Now THIS is a junkbox."

Hello Ben,
I received the book last week...Read it in a couple of days.....Can't wait to build an EDM!!!!!!!!!!!!I've added it to my "To Do" List!!!I'll try to build it the fall. Thanks for the Book,

Tim Bostic

Ben,received the book yesterday, and I am impressed with the detail that I haven't seen since Heath Kits! Thanks for the fine job. I look forward to doing this project and will have some comments later on.


Neal Sheffield

Ben - Just got my copy of the book, and it's fantastic! Though I'd be interested in the possibility of a PC board, I probably won't buy one myself, as your instructions on using the Radio Shack perfboard are so comprehensive (plus, I'm way to anxious to start building to wait for a board or kit).Anyway, the book is great, and I hope you forge ahead with work on a book detailing a pulse-based system.


Hi Ben,
I was impressed with the file being etched. I built ahome-brew R/C type machine and would not even try something so large.

Dave Mucha